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CS-4, automata mikrofonkeverő

€226.97 (€178.71 + VAT)
Model: CS-4
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The automatic microphone mixers
of the CS series are the perfect aid for concepts with multiple microphones, e.g. in conference rooms, churches or language laboratories. The main task of the mixer is to open the respective microphone channel when required and to close it again when the speaker has finished the presentation. This intelligent adjustment for the individual microphone channels allows for a silent and precise control which ensures that the audience hears every single word. This greatly improves the overall sound resulting in a clear, transparent reproduction and minimises acoustic feedback and irritating background noise. The CS mixers feature a last-in function in order to maintain a pleasant atmosphere with a soft ambient sound also during the breaks in conversation rather than just cutting off the sound.
Automatic microphone mixer

4 channels
3 operating modes: auto mode, priority or 4/1-channel mixer
Balanced XLR inputs, switchable mic/line
12 V phantom power
Mix output, switchable mic/line
Trigger outputs for external devices, e.g. warning devices, cameras or speakers
Status LEDs
Several units can be combined via link connections (supplied with cable)
Desktop metal housing
482 mm (19") rack installation with supplied mouting brackets

Mikrofonbemenet 0,2mV/4,7kΩ
Vonalbemenet 60mV/20kΩ
Vonalkimenet 1V/200Ω
Átviteli tartomány 35-20.000Hz
Teljes harmonikus torzítás < 0,06%
Jel/zaj-viszony > 70dB
Fantomtáp +12V
Táp saját rádugható tápegységéről
Megengedett körny. hőm. 0-40°C
Méretek 200x44x212mm
Tömeg 1,4kg