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JTS TG-16RA/1 16 csatornás tour guide vevő

€131.37 (€103.44 + VAT)
Model: TG-16TA/1
Availability: By Next Thursday
Premium points available to receive: 2361


* Maximum operational distance (in line of sight) 100 meters for TG-16 and 200 meters for TG-16A.
* Preset 16 selectable channels.
* Use NiMH rechargeable AA battery
* Transmitter bundled with tie clip microphone W-68T.
* Receiver bundled with single earphone WM-10TG.
* Space available for built in speaker at TG-16R and TG-16RA.
* Compatible with stationary transmitter TG-10GSTX and receiver.
* Designed for cost cautious projects.

garancia 2 years
Frequency Preparation PLL Synthesized Control
Carrier Frequency Range 502~960 MHz
Controls Channel Power On/Off, Channel selection, Voiume control
Audio Frequency Response 40~18,000 Hz
Output connector 1/8” Dummy stereo Phone Jack
Battery life 10 hours typical
Battery Rechargeable NIMH AA (1.2V, 2000mAh)
Dimension(mm) 62mm(W)* 20mm(D)* 97mm(H)