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C-magos tekercs

C-Coil is wound around a sandwich core, and it has extremely low resistance and can shift a large amount of power without getting over heated.


The core is formed like a donut with a round cross section, and it is wound from one long piece of laminated steel tape.
The surface of the core is epoxy coated to secure against short circuit even at a very high load.

We have tested the inductor with a carrying load of 1000 Watt, and it lasted and stood up well.
It can stand upto 700 Watt per 48 hrs in one go.

We are very satisfied with the result.
The C-Coil is designed for  the Bass section on crossovers and for passive Sub-Woofers , in different core and wire sizes.

We use 4N copper wire for C-Coils

Please note!

The C-Coil cannot be measured using a universal LC meter. Due to the characteristics of the core and winding method, it is important to use a professional RLC meter. We measure all C-Coils before shipping them using a professional RCL meter at AC 1 V 1 kHz.

The C-Coil is not recommended for any other use than for crossovers for passive loudspeakers, due the the toroidal cores strong output of electromagnetism.

These coils are not suitable for installation in amplifiers or active systems.

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