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Litz Wire Wax Coil 15AWG

The Litz Wire Wax Coil is the latest addition to the portofolio of high quality Jantzen inductors.

The product was developed to customer demand and was received with very positive feedback, when the first samples were sent to clients.

Litz Wire enables inductors to have reduced skin effect and lowered resistance, which in turn offers more dynamic head room and clearer sound.

We have impregnated our Litz Wire Coils in the same high quality wax used for the Jantzen Wax Coil.

Making the Litz Wire Coils wax impregnated offers a much firmer coil and secures the windings in place.

However the most important benefit of the wax impregnation is the elimination of vibrations from the windinds (cancelling of microphonic effect).


Litz Wire Wax Coils are available in 15 AWG.

We use 4N copper Litz Wire for Litz Wire Wax Coils

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