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SPX-20M, , Hi-Fi, szélessávú

€40.13 (€31.60 + VAT)
Model: SPX-20M
Availability: By Next Thursday
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Miniature hi-fi full range speakers, 30 WMAX, 15 WRMS, 8 Ω (SPX-20M) and 4 Ω (SPX-20M/4)
  • Round steel basket with rear-ventilated centering spider
  • Adhesive mounting or clamp mounting
  • Inverse laminated cone
  • Efficient neodymium drive system
  • Perfect full range reproduction with an excellent efficiency in proportion to the size
  • 25 mm voice coil of high power capability
Impedance (Z) 8 Ω
Resonant frequency (fs) 157 Hz
Max. frequency range f3-22,000 Hz
Music power 30 WMAX
Power rating (P) 15 WRMS
SPL (1 W/m) 87 dB
Suspension compl. (Cms) 0.76 mm/N
Moving mass (Mms) 1.3 g
Mech. Q factor (Qms) 4.52
Electr. Q factor (Qes) 0.46
Total Q factor (Qts) 0.42
Equivalent volume (Vas) 0.2 l
DC resistance (Re) 6.9 Ω
Force factor (BxL) 4.5 Tm
Voice coil induct. (Le) 0.13 mH
Voice coil diameter Ø 25 mm
Voice coil former Kapton
Linear excursion (XMAX) ±0.5 mm
Eff. cone area (Sd) 13 cm2
Magnet weight neodymium
Weight 0.17 kg