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Superior Z-CAP ***

Even the finest nuances can be heard.The sound never gets over-edged, really superb naturalness with a somewhat bright top-end. Jantzen Audio Superior Z-Caps are absolutely high-end components, delivering a natural, almost holographic sound stage. Even the finest nuances can be heard.


Product Description:

Our Superior Z-Caps are of an axial type capacitor, made of metallized polypropylene, especially manufactured for audio purposes.
The materials we use, were chosen for the best sonically results in this price class.

We use a special machine to wind all our capacitors, so that the capacitors become a very tight reel. This minimizes the inner vibration and keeps micro phonic effects as low as possible.

The sturdy lead-wires are made from PCOCC (Pure Copper Ohno Continuous Cast Wire).

This gives the capacitor the best possible lead-wires for Audio Purposes.

Superior Z-Caps will show their true sound image immediately, so they do not need any burn in time.

 Zinc / Aluminum Metallized Polypropylene
 Voltage rating 0.10 μF – 0.33 μF: 1200V DC or 600V AC
 Voltage rating 0.47 μF – 22.00μF: 800V DC or 425V AC
 Non inductive construction
 Terminal leads are made from PCOCC copper (Pure Copper Ohno Continuous Cast Wire) (oxygen free)
 Capacitance tolerance : +/- 2%
 Voltage rating: 800 - 1200V DC
 Loss factor: 1K 0.00002 10K 0.00001
 Non-polarized capacitor

Superior Z-Caps are nitrogen filled, which means that you get more foil per capacitor and no risk of the evaporation that can occur in oil/dielectric fluid filled capacitors.

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