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TXS-606DT, vezeték nélküli talpasmikrofon

€151.73 (€119.47 + VAT)
Model: TXS-606DT
Availability: By Next Thursday
Premium points available to receive: 2509


Wireless desktop microphone with integrated multifrequency transmitter, with UHF PLL technology.

Electret microphone cartridge, cardioid characteristic
350 mm gooseneck, removable
1,000 selectable UHF frequencies (672.000-696.975 MHz), can be synchronised with the receivers TXS-606, TXS-626, TXS-646 or TXS-686 via ACT function
Adjustable sensitivity
Switchable transmitting power (high: 25 mW/low: 2.5 mW)
LCD for indicating group/channel, audio level and battery status
Power supply via 2 x 1.5 V battery AA size (not supplied)

Licence required for this system in the EU!
Please read the notes regarding wireless systems in the section "IMPORTANT INFORMATION"!
garancia 2 years
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