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TXS-727 vezetéknélküli mikrofon vevő

€258.19 (€203.30 + VAT)
Model: TXS-727
Availability: By Next Thursday
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2-channel multifrequency receiver unit, with UHF PLL technology.

100 selectable UHF frequencies (667.000-691.750 MHz) for each channel
SYNC function for transmitting the selected frequency to pocket transmitters TXS-707HSE, TXS-707LT or hand-held microphone TXS-707HT via infrared signal
Diversity system with removable antennas (BNC connection)
Volume and squelch controls for each channel
Pilot tone squelch
Lock function
LCD for indicating channel, frequency, RF receiving level, AF audio level, diversity and squelch settings
XLR jack output for each channel, bal.
6.3 mm jack output for mixed signal, unbal.
Robust metal housing
Supplied with PSU
482 mm (19") rack installation, 1 RS

Carrier frequency range 667.000-691.750 MHz
Channels 2
Audio frequency range 30-18,000 Hz, ±3 dB
THD < 0.5%
Dynamic range 120 dB
RF S/N ratio 105 dB
Audio signal receiver 100 mV/600 Ω (jack), 20-30 mV/600 Ω (XLR, bal.)
Power supply receiver via suppl. plug-in PSU
Weight receiver 1.65 kg

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