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€912.55 (€718.54 + VAT)
Model: UF-20R/5
Availability: By Next Thursday
Premium points available to receive: 16853


With the wideband multifrequency system UF-20... from JTS, it is possible to achieve a perfect solution for stage applications of high requirements due to an excellent flexibility and reliability.
The device impresses with a convenient setup function, REMOSET technology, 75 MHz bandwidth, 3,000 frequencies which can be selected as desired as well as additional professional features, e.g. active carrier analysis method.
2-channel true diversity UHF PLL wideband receiver
Bandwidth: 75 MHz
15 groups, each with 63 compatible channel presets 
64 channels in 6 groups from 3,000 selectable individual frequencies can be stored in user presets
RF output and mains voltage output for easily cascading up to 10 x UF-20R/5 receiver without additional splitter
REMOSET technology for receiver/transmitter synchronisation
Autoscan function
Pilot tone and noise squelch
Equalizer function
LED for indicating RF level and AF level
Backlit display for indicating battery status of the transmitter, frequency setup, active antenna
Metal housing
Power supply for optional antenna booster UB-900I directly via antenna inputs
is an innovative technology which allows the user to adjust the corresponding hand-held or pocket transmitter via radio signal to a transmission channel to be used. 
Advantage: frequency setup easily done via receiver without visual contact to the transmitter - and this is possible even during a live performance.
tools4music 06/2015
"With the wireless system UF-20, JTS is able to offer an absolutely professional system. Despite numerous features, the menu navigation can easily be followed and understood. The REMOSET function allows you to simultaneously adjust up to 48 transmitters and receivers. In addition, important functions of the hand-held transmitter can remotely be controlled via the receiver which is particularly helpful at festivals. It allows you to quickly adjust the microphone sensitivity. The system also impresses with an appealing design and a neat workmanship."