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WSA-24T Wireless stereo transmitter, 2.4 GHz,

€82.20 (€64.73 + VAT)
IMG Stageline
Model: WSA-24T
Availability: By Next Thursday
Premium points available to receive: 1359


Wireless stereo transmitter, 2.4 GHz,
for audio streaming.

Matching the receiver WSA-24R
Stereo/mono selector switch
LED for indicating status and peak
Interference-free operation due to FHSS technology (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum)
Analogue line level input via 6.3 mm jacks L/R and 3-pole XLR L/R
Metal housing
Power supply via supplied plug-in PSU

djmagazin.de 99
"This set is perfectly suitable for fast and wireless audio transmissions. It features a sophisticated design of neat workmanship. I also like the magnets and the strap which allow for a quick and easy attachment of the receiver. Overall, an excellent set which is available at a favourable price and should definitely be part of any accessory kit."
"All too typical for IMG STAGELINE: the requirements of stage applications are effectively implemented."
tools4music 01/2016
"This compact solution is an excellent aid for every audio supplier ... shows itself ... as a robust and easy-to-use solution for audio streaming."
Frequency range 20 - 20000 Hz
THD <0,3 %
Channel separation ≥90 dB
Bluetooth -
Operating range > 30 m with clear view
Profiles -
Power supply via encl. power supply
Width 130 mm
Height 54 mm
Depth 130 mm
Weight 470 g
Connections Inputs:1 x 6.3 mm stereo jack L/R, analogue 1 x 3-pole XLR L/R, analogue
Other features 2.4 GHz, 25 channels, latency:18 ms